Chef Becky was an absolute delight - her creations were both beautiful and delicious and everyone in our party enjoyed the food tremendously - I received so many compliments on all of the courses, and the family style setting felt very social and brought people together. Her avocado toast is honestly one of the best I have ever had and - being from Venice - I have had A LOT of avocado toast! Chef Becky is AMAZING!.

/  Elina A. /


"DIVINE MEAL, excellent service and Becky's explanations of her inspiration for each dish were touching. BRAVA to Becky.

/  Florence F. /


"A tour de Force launched upon this uncouth and unkempt world to titillate taste buds and allow us all to swan dive gracefully into a sea of umami greatness. Her presentation is god-like and her flavours are a voyage both back to childhood and into a bright future for all mankind..... and now for seriously. Chef's have to find a balance between technique and creativity. They have to know how to mix the paints and then create beauty. Becky...She be good.

/  Ben S. /


"Choices, preparation, timeliness of prep/service, quality of ingredients all top notch. Chef Becky was able to relate the menu she created to the music being performed as she was requested to do. She explained her choices in an engaging, brief and personable way.

/  Alan J. /