becky reams

Private Chef


Becky Reams started her career as a food photographer, working with chefs, local restaurants and food publications. From an early age her eye for aesthetically beautiful, as well as creating delicious cuisine, has been keen. In 2012, she transitioned to cooking full-time after finishing as a semi finalist on the FOX hit show, Masterchef. She since has been a featured chef on Chef'd, Appetites, and is a frequent contributor to multiple online media channels.  She works as a chef consultant and stylist for television and film. She launched her catering company and roaming pop up brunch Bang Bang Brunch, and continues to work with clients all over California, creating exquisite food for their private parties, dinner and special events. 

From intimate dinners at home, to grandiose festivities, Chef Becky will create cuisine that fits your personal tastes and will delight guests in their flavor, and beauty. 



Worked under Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliot on Masterchef. Worked as a restaurant chef de commis at Rays and Stark Bar, under Chef Kris Morningstar and at Providence under Chef Michael Cimarusti. Worked as chef de partie under Chef Stven Fretz at The Churchkey.

Launched private cooking company and roaming pop-up, Bang Bang Brunch, in 2012. Worked as a food stylist for Access Hollywood, The Talk, Conan, Queen Latifah, and others. Partnered with Chef'd meal-kit delivery service, to create meal kit boxes of Chef Becky's recipes, for consumers to prepare at home. Hosted limited web series for PK4 Media, Whisked Foodie, preparing original and fun recipes for home viewers. Hosted a how-to cooking series, called Appetites, on YouTube.

Guest starred on Restaurant Startup, on CNBC, and was a featured Chef/Host on the Masterchef cruise with Holland America Cruise lines. Has ben a private in home chef for high profile clients in Los Angeles. 


"Chef Becky was amazing. She was attentive to all dietary restrictions, fun to interact with and was kind enough to come out of the kitchen after she masterfully plated every meal and gave us all a quick rundown of what was put down before us. Well done Chef Becky.

/  Joel N.  /


"Getting to sit at Becky Reams' table is a real honor. Her dishes are creative and eye-opening, but grounded in knowledge earned from years of hard work.She's engaging, and charismatic and her personality elevates the mood of the room, and the punch of each forkful.

/  Daniel M.  /